2017 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry

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PANEL 1—Programs

Panel Leader(s)

Martin Lott
(o)Cascade Energy

Peter Therkelsen
(o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Accepted Abstracts

Realigning Utility Incentives for Industrial Customers: Using Strategic Energy Management to Increase Customer Participation in Energy Efficiency Programs
Jennifer Weiss, (o)Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Lead Author
Perry Stephens, (o)Duke Energy Corporation Co-Author
Michael Stowe, (o)Advanced Energy Co-Author
Capturing the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Opportunity in the Wastewater Treatment Sector
Andre de Fontaine, (o)U.S. Department of Energy Lead Author
Lessons learnt from the uptake of energy audits and energy management systems in Germany
Clemens Rohde, (o)Fraunhofer ISI Lead Author
Lisa Nabitz, Co-Author
Patrick Plötz, (o)Fraunhofer ISI Co-Author
Compressed Air Leak Surveys: Gateway to Industrial Efficiency
Sarah Mitchell, (o)Efficiency Nova Scotia Lead Author
Mark Robertson, Efficiency Nova Scotia (Dartmouth CANADA) Co-Author
How Best Practices in Documenting Strategic Energy Management Lead to Better Programs and More Savings
Julia Vetromile, (o)DNV GL Energy Services Inc. Lead Author
Marc Collins, (o)DNV GL Energy Services Inc. Co-Author
Are we all on the same page? – Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Plant Personnel and Energy Consultants to Create Sustained Savings
C.D Nayak, (o)DNV GL Energy Services Inc. Lead Author
ISO 50001 and SEP Faster and Cheaper - Exploring the Enterprise-Wide Approach
JINGJING LIU, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Prakash Rao, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Paul Scheihing, (o)U.S. Department of Energy Co-Author
Darren Sholes, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Yannick Tamm, (o)Energetics, Inc. Co-Author
Peter Therkelsen, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Let’s think outside the box. Wait . . . what’s IN the box?—An Exploration of Water Network Energy Efficiency
Layne McWilliams, (o)Cascade Energy Lead Author
Barbara Weiss, (o)Cascade Energy Co-Author
Ensuring Savings from Energy Management Count for System, Regional and Air Quality Management
Bill Miller, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Aimee McKane, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Dollars and Sense – How Utility Rebates Influence Implementation Beyond Economics
Peter Worley, (o)Go Sustainable Energy, LLC Lead Author
Charles Schreier, (o)Go Sustainable Energy, LLC Co-Author
Program Design Features that Cultivate Industrial Mega-Projects
Todd Amundson, (o)Bonneville Power Administration Lead Author
Steve Martin, (o)Cascade Energy Co-Author
Christopher Milan, (o)Bonneville Power Administration Co-Author
John Whitchurch, (o)Bonneville Power Administration Co-Author
Jennifer Wood, (o)Bonneville Power Administration Co-Author
Evaluating Industrial DSM Programs: A Review of Current Practice and Possible Improvements
Kenneth Tiedemann, (o) Research4Results Lead Author

Alternate/Accepted Abstracts

Evaluation of Industrial Standard Practices and Energy Efficiency Technologies in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Yin Yin Wu, (o)BASE Energy, Inc. Lead Author
Sandra Chow, (o)BASE Energy, Inc. Co-Author
Stephen Fok, Co-Author
Ahmad Ganji, (o)San Francisco State University Co-Author
Tengfang Xu, (o)Pacific Gas & Electric Company Co-Author
A Tale of Two CEIs
Greg Baker, (o)Vermont Energy Investment Corporation Lead Author
Tim Perrin, (o)Vermont Energy Investment Corporation Co-Author
What to do about Hard-to-Reach Rural, Small Industrial, and Agricultural Markets? – A Streamlined Solution
Paul Warila, (o)Cascade Energy Lead Author
Barbara Weiss, (o)Cascade Energy Co-Author
A Structure for Incentivizing Greater Achievements in Strategic Energy Management
David Goldstein, (o)Natural Resources Defense Council Lead Author
Peter Therkelsen, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Estimating US Manufacturing Water Use
Prakash Rao, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Joe Cresko, (o)U.S. Department of Energy Co-Author
Ali Hasanbeigi, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
William Morrow, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Darren Sholes, (o)Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Energy management systems in a vertically integrated power utility
Hassaan Idrees, (o)K-Electric Lead Author
syed faisal ahmad, (o)K-Electric Co-Author