2012 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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PANEL 13—Visions for the Future: Big New Ideas for Energy Efficiency

Panel Leader(s)

Jamy Bacchus
Integral Group

Jack M Callahan
Bonneville Power Administration

Accepted Abstracts

Beyond DR - Maximizing the Value of Responsive Load
ORNL MAXLAB Flexible Research Platforms
Heather Buckberry, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Lead Author
Mahabir Bhandari, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Co-Author
Testing a Streamlined Project Evaluation Tool for Risk-Concious Decision Making: The Chicago Loop Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative
Leah Guzowski, Argonne National Laboratory Lead Author
Diane Graziano, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) Co-Author
Ralph Muehleisen, Argonne National Laboratory Co-Author
Tracking Program Performance: A Common Language for Energy Efficiency Program Data
David Lewis, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. Lead Author
Chad Brustin, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. Co-Author
Robert Kresko, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. Co-Author
Large dynamic thermal labyrinth: A step towards net zero energy use in Acute Care Hospitals
Paul Marmion, Stantec Consulting Ltd. Lead Author
Arash Guity, Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch Co-Author
Ray Pradinuk, Stantec Consulting Ltd. Co-Author
Irfan Rehmanji, BC Hydro Co-Author
Andy Woods, Cambridge University Co-Author
Projecting the Likely Success of Startup Companies Bringing New Clean Energy Technologies to Market
Jay Stein, E Source Lead Author
The Future? Let’s Take a Step Back Here
Ed Schmidt, MCR Performance Solutions, LLC Lead Author
Responsive and Intelligent Building Information and Control for Low-Energy and Optimized Grid Integration
Mary Ann Piette, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Jessica Granderson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Sila Kiliccote, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Passive Downdraft Systems- a vision for ultra-low energy heating, cooling and ventilation
Andrew Corney, WSP Flack + Kurtz - Built Ecology Lead Author
A Framework for Effective Collaboration on Transferable and Reliable Assessments of Emerging Opportunities for Broad Scale Program Consideration
Jennifer Anziano, Consortium for Energy Efficiency Lead Author
Kate Baldacci, Consortium for Energy Efficiency Co-Author
Could Building Energy Codes Mandate Rooftop Solar in the Future?
Heather Dillon, PNNL Lead Author
Chrissi Antonopoulos, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Co-Author
Bryan Russo, Co-Author
Amy Solana, PNNL Co-Author
Jeremiah Williams, U.S. Department of Energy Co-Author
The Megawatts Behind Your Megabytes: Going from Data-Center to Desktop
Dave Costenaro, Global Energy Partners, An EnerNOC Company (Walnut Creek CA) Lead Author
Anthony Duer, Global Energy Partners, An EnerNOC Company (Walnut Creek CA) Co-Author
Incorporating Non-Energy Benefits into Energy Savings Performance Contracts
Peter Larsen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Donald Gilligan, National Association of Energy Service Companies Co-Author
Energy Efficiency is a Renewable Resource
Jim McMahon, Better Climate Research & Policy Analysis Lead Author
Artificial Neural Networks vs. Grey Matter; An RCx Case Study at Matching Cloud-based Fault Detection with Traditional Human Neural Networks
Jim Kelsey, KW ENGINEERING Lead Author
Arik Cohen, KW ENGINEERING Co-Author
When "not losing" is better than "winning:" using behavioral science to drive customer investment in energy efficiency
Dylan Sullivan, Natural Resources Defense Council Lead Author
Carrie Armel, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford University Co-Author
Annika Todd, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Energy-Efficient Greenhouse Breakthrough
Larry Kinney, Synergistic Building Technologies, Inc. Lead Author
Federal Appliance Standards Should Be the Floor, Not the Ceiling: Strategies for Innovative State Codes & Standards
Alex Chase, Energy Solutions Lead Author
Patrick Eilert, Pacific Gas & Electric Company Co-Author
Jonathan McHugh, McHugh Energy Consultants Co-Author
Radical Redevelopment for the Future of Houses and Cities
Harvey Sachs, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Lead Author
Jacob Talbot, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Co-Author
Achieving Extreme Efficiency: How to get the job done when energy is extremely expensive and scarce
Richard Brown, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Louis-Benoit Desroches, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Karina Garbesi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Alan Meier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Picking Up the Pace with the San Francisco Building Retrofit Program: EECBG Retrofits at Lightning Speed while Stretching Funding
Chris Vance, City & County of San Francisco Lead Author
Jonathan Cherry, City & County of San Francisco Co-Author
Terry O'Sullivan, City & County of San Francisco Co-Author
Abhijit Rao, EnerNOC, Inc. Co-Author
Regulatory Regimes (Across Nine States) and Potential Improvements for Energy Efficiency Programs
Randy Gunn, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Lead Author
Jeff Erickson, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Co-Author
The View from Here: A Utility Perspective on North American Emerging Technology Collaboration
Ryan Fedie, Bonneville Power Administration Lead Author
Gregg Ander, The Energy Foundation Co-Author
Jonathan Livingston, Livingston Energy Innovations, LLC Co-Author
Jorge Marques, BC Hydro Co-Author
Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party Battle over Energy Efficiency
Jeff Erickson, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Lead Author
Facebook's Open Compute Project: An Industry Wide Collaborative Initiative to Accelerate Enterprise Datacenter Energy Efficiency
Glenn Hansen, PECI Lead Author
Dan Lee, Facebook Co-Author