2012 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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PANEL 13—Visions for the Future: Big New Ideas for Energy Efficiency

Panel Leader(s)

Jamy Bacchus
Integral Group

Jack M Callahan
Bonneville Power Administration

Accepted Abstracts

Beyond DR - Maximizing the Value of Responsive Load
ORNL MAXLAB Flexible Research Platforms
Heather Buckberry, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Lead Author
Mahabir Bhandari, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Co-Author
Testing a Streamlined Project Evaluation Tool for Risk-Concious Decision Making: The Chicago Loop Energy Efficiency Retrofit Initiative
Leah Guzowski, Argonne National Laboratory Lead Author
Diane Graziano, Argonne National Laboratory Co-Author
Ralph Muehleisen, Argonne National Laboratory Co-Author
Tracking Program Performance: A Common Language for Energy Efficiency Program Data
David Lewis, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. Lead Author
Chad Brustin, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. Co-Author
Robert Kresko, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. Co-Author
Large dynamic thermal labyrinth: A step towards net zero energy use in Acute Care Hospitals
Paul Marmion, Stantec Consulting Ltd. Lead Author
Arash Guity, Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch Co-Author
Ray Pradinuk, Stantec Consulting Ltd. Co-Author
Irfan Rehmanji, BC Hydro Co-Author
Andy Woods, Cambridge University Co-Author
Projecting the Likely Success of Startup Companies Bringing New Clean Energy Technologies to Market
Jay Stein, E Source Companies LLC. Lead Author
The Future? Let’s Take a Step Back Here
Ed Schmidt, MCR Performance Solutions, LLC Lead Author
Responsive and Intelligent Building Information and Control for Low-Energy and Optimized Grid Integration
Mary Ann Piette, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Jessica Granderson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Sila Kiliccote, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Passive Downdraft Systems- a vision for ultra-low energy heating, cooling and ventilation
Andrew Corney, WSP Flack + Kurtz - Built Ecology Lead Author
A Framework for Effective Collaboration on Transferable and Reliable Assessments of Emerging Opportunities for Broad Scale Program Consideration
Jennifer Anziano, Lead Author
Kate Baldacci, Consortium for Energy Efficiency Co-Author
Could Building Energy Codes Mandate Rooftop Solar in the Future?
Heather Dillon, PNNL Lead Author
Chrissi Antonopoulos, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Co-Author
Bryan Russo, Co-Author
Amy Solana, PNNL Co-Author
Jeremiah Williams, U.S. Department of Energy Co-Author
The Megawatts Behind Your Megabytes: Going from Data-Center to Desktop
Dave Costenaro, Applied Energy Group, Inc Lead Author
Anthony Duer, Applied Energy Group, Inc Co-Author
Incorporating Non-Energy Benefits into Energy Savings Performance Contracts
Peter Larsen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Donald Gilligan, National Association of Energy Service Companies Co-Author
Energy Efficiency is a Renewable Resource
Jim McMahon, Better Climate Research & Policy Analysis Lead Author
Artificial Neural Networks vs. Grey Matter; An RCx Case Study at Matching Cloud-based Fault Detection with Traditional Human Neural Networks
Jim Kelsey, KW ENGINEERING Lead Author
Arik Cohen, KW ENGINEERING Co-Author
When "not losing" is better than "winning:" using behavioral science to drive customer investment in energy efficiency
Dylan Sullivan, Natural Resources Defense Council Lead Author
Carrie Armel, Stanford University Co-Author
Annika Todd, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Energy-Efficient Greenhouse Breakthrough
Larry Kinney, Synergistic Building Technologies, Inc. Lead Author
Federal Appliance Standards Should Be the Floor, Not the Ceiling: Strategies for Innovative State Codes & Standards
Alex Chase, Energy Solutions Lead Author
Pat Eilert, Pacific Gas & Electric Company Co-Author
Jonathan McHugh, McHugh Energy Consultants Co-Author
Radical Redevelopment for the Future of Houses and Cities
Harvey Sachs, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Lead Author
Jacob Talbot, University of Michigan Co-Author
Achieving Extreme Efficiency: How to get the job done when energy is extremely expensive and scarce
Richard Brown, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Louis-Benoit Desroches, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Karina Garbesi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Alan Meier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Picking Up the Pace with the San Francisco Building Retrofit Program: EECBG Retrofits at Lightning Speed while Stretching Funding
Chris Vance, City & County of San Francisco Lead Author
Jonathan Cherry, City & County of San Francisco Co-Author
Terrence O'Sullivan, Progressive Marketing Group, Inc. Co-Author
Abhijit Rao, EnerNOC, Inc. Co-Author
Regulatory Regimes (Across Nine States) and Potential Improvements for Energy Efficiency Programs
Randy Gunn, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Lead Author
Jeff Erickson, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Co-Author
The View from Here: A Utility Perspective on North American Emerging Technology Collaboration
Ryan Fedie, Bonneville Power Administration Lead Author
Gregg Ander, Energy Foundation Co-Author
Jonathan Livingston, Livingston Energy Innovations, LLC Co-Author
Jorge Marques, BC Hydro Co-Author
Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party Battle over Energy Efficiency
Jeff Erickson, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Lead Author
Facebook's Open Compute Project: An Industry Wide Collaborative Initiative to Accelerate Enterprise Datacenter Energy Efficiency
Glenn Hansen, PECI Lead Author
Dan Lee, Facebook Co-Author