2017 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry

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PANEL 3—People/Policy

Panel Leader(s)

Jess Burgess
(o) Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Inc.

Nicholas Dalziel
(o) Clearesult

Accepted Abstracts

Achieving Clean Power Plan Targets Through Industrial Energy Efficiency
Alexandra Rekkas, (o) David Gardiner & Associates, LLC Lead Author
Tools to Build Your Employee Engagement Framework
Greg Baker, (o) Vermont Energy Investment Corporation Lead Author
Cathy Reynolds, (o) Vermont Energy Investment Corporation Co-Author
Plant-level Goal and Recognition Programs as a Strategic Energy Management Tool
Walt Tunnessen, (o) United States Environmental Protection Agency Lead Author
Daniel Macri, (o) United States Environmental Protection Agency Co-Author
How to create a successful utility-sponsored CHP program by aligning electric and natural gas goals
Shraddha Mutyal, Energy Resources Conservation Board Lead Author
The Strategic Value of SEM in Limiting Climate Pollution
David Goldstein, (o) Natural Resources Defense Council Lead Author
Amanda Levin, (o) Natural Resources Defense Council Co-Author
Transforming Markets via Energy Manager Culture
Andrew Knox, (o) Clearesult Lead Author
Advancing Energy Efficiency: One Large Industrial Company's Unique Approach to Strategic Energy Management
Sara York, (o) Bonneville Power Administration Lead Author
Todd Amundson, (o) Bonneville Power Administration Co-Author
Mark Higginson, (o) North Pacific Paper Corporation Co-Author
Doug Swier, (o) COWLITZ COUNTY Public Utility District Co-Author
Jennifer Wood, (o) Bonneville Power Administration Co-Author
Does mandatory electricity saving target really prompt Taiwan petrochemical industry to save more?
Hua-Wei Lin, (o) Taiwan Research Institution Lead Author
Cracking the code: understanding key drivers and customer perceptions of industrial energy efficiency
Kevin Andrews, (o) E Source Companies LLC Lead Author
Exploring CHP systems as a conservation measure in the context of greenhouse gas emissions policy
Kadra Branker, (o) Clearesult Lead Author
Allan Dicion, (o) Clearesult Co-Author
Mehdi Hosseini, (o) Clearesult Co-Author
Evolution of Ontario's Incentivized Energy Manager Programs
Tom Aagaard, (o) Independent Electricity System Operator Lead Author
Making the Case for Inclusive Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy
Leah Scull, Lead Author
Nick Dreher, (o) Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Co-Author
Utility-Ownership of Combined Heat and Power: From Lost Load to Supply Asset
Meegan Kelly, (o) ICF International, Inc. Lead Author
U.S. Industrial Sector Emissions Reduction Pathways
William Morrow, (o) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lead Author
Alberta Carpenter, (o) National Renewable Energy Laboratory Co-Author
Joe Cresko, (o) U.S. Department of Energy Co-Author
S. DAS, (o) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Co-Author
Diane Graziano, (o) Argonne National Laboratory Co-Author
Ali Hasanbeigi, (o) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Sachin Nimbalkar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Co-Author
Arman Shehabi, (o) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Energy Managers and Award-Winning Customer Collaboration
Bill Schutten, Nexant, Inc. Lead Author

Alternate/Accepted Abstracts

US DOE Packaged Combined Heat and Power eMarket and eCatalog (revised)
Richard Sweetser, (o) Exergy Partners Corp. Lead Author
Paul Sheaffer, (o) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Co-Author
Claudia Tighe, (o) U.S. Department of Energy Co-Author
Market impacts of a combined heat and power conservation incentive program
Allan Dicion, Lead Author
Kadra Branker, (o) Clearesult Co-Author
Mehdi Hosseini, (o) Clearesult Co-Author